Twitter Roll: Whom I’m currently leeching inspiration off of


A voice of a generation. The culmination of cool. Noted as a cross between Tina Fey’s cool little sister and “the next Nora Ephron.” This page provides cultivation of humorous personal quips, analysis of comedic screen writing currently on television, and witty jargon in reference to what’s up in pop-culture today.


Straight up, unfiltered, long-form reviews of up and coming comedians/actors online and on television by comedy critics. Submitted by writers based from all major television stations and specialty websites and blogs. It’s practical, it’s informative, and it’s pretty damn funny.


An unapologetic voice of society today. A keen observer of all things which make us laugh, whether it be crude, stupid, or mind-numbingly pointless, with the depth and knowledgable insight of a Harvard graduate student of psychological studies. O’Brien is approachable with items we want to here, with his unwavering slant, but enough credible background to give you more than you ever knew you wanted.


The television station which started it all. Dedicated not only to its exclusive shows, but curated by all the screen writers of the station. Offering top-knotch insight on what to watch and why you should be watching it. It’s about the laughs, not the ratings.


The ideal balance of political and social relevancy with a comedic approach. They prove anything and everything can be made into a joke (as twisted as it may be) but show that laughter is the most approachable platform to get people to discuss some of the more serious issues presented in the world today? Are we going to solve all of the world’s problems? Probably not, but The Onion at least gets its audience discussing the topics.


A pop-culture reference site of infinite sources from all major news sites to socially famous bloggers. An ultimate destination to be updated on what to know to fit in with every 16 year old with a smart phone.


A different kind of news. Updating its followers on absolutely all that should be deemed relevant today. From politics, celebrity news, finance, and even music, The Daily Show is everything comedy should be. Revelatory, inappropriately humorous, unabashedly raunchy, and critically responsive to all matters which affect our society, no matter the scale of the issue presented.


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