Blog Roll: Whom I am currently investing my critical neediness in for guidance


PopHangover takes the satirical approach towards dishing out the most up to date scoops on all things pop culture related. Ranging from celebrity news, to current politics, and even sprinkling in the most current waves in fashion, music, and television, PopHangover utilizes multiple media platforms, such as bloodspot, twitter, and Facebook, to attain the most relevant information for their readers. PopHangover can also be customized for each reader in receiving specific pop-cultural stories, based on preferred interests. It is news, waiting to take a stab. It’s pointed, poignant, and positively punny.


The Return of the Modern Philosopher is an unabashedly brash critical responder to screenwriters on television today. TROTMP unbiasedly critiques a variety of television shows, mainly situational comedy on primetime/ late-night variety comedy specials. Comparing and contrasting relative structures of modern screenwriting techniques and more “abstract” methods seen today, TROTMP does not beat around the bush, and provides deep, detailed insight as to what works on television, and what simply got lucky. TROTMP is unapologetic, invested, insightfully witty, and overall an interesting read in which you’ll grow to expect the unexpected.


While just recently announcing the end of posting new material, Television Without Pity serves as a testimate to one of the original television reviewing blogs in the blogging sphere. TWP stands by their methods and their reviewers, choosing to post carefully curated reviews of current television show episodes a few days after the initial airing of the show. This may be a surprising method due to the stiff competition proposed by social media spheres who immediately release reviews, but TWP advocates the artistry which goes behind storytelling and takes its time cultivating and curating multiple sources for the most well rounded reviews, and opinions on each of their shows. No funny business here, just really good crap detection.


A professional screenwriter, producer, and director for a multitude of situational comedies and independent comedic films, Ken Levine provides personal insight into what it takes to get a laugh out of an audience in modern times while still developing a story with a purposeful meaning behind it. Levine’s blog provides the roadmap to aspiring screenwriters on how to cultivate a cult following with quirk and charm, while establishing credibility in the production world as a credible storyteller. He is quippy, fun to read, and almost too insightfully aware on exactly what you want and need to hear.


A classic of the times. A kind of no-brainer. But also, an unconventionally introspective dissection of all things satirical, why they are so, and the things that make us laugh, are so damn inappropriate. Funny Or Die is the plethora of cynical sources which piece together a movement of utilizing satirical comedy in spreading awareness and prompting discussion of both the world’s most pointless and most pertinent topics. Covering everything from pop cultural phenomenons, celebrity news, current politics, and even controversial ethics, Funny Or Die takes the laughable approach to every situation, shedding light on all things that matter, whether it be a fleeting or deeply rooted topic, and proves that no matter the scope of the situation, laughter is always a correct response.


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