(This is the part where you’re supposed to laugh)

Creating a sitcom is the equivalent of capturing “lightning in a bottle.”

30 Rock Loves Lucy

30 Rock Loves Lucy

It is a very alluring and somewhat concerning endeavor, which requires just the right amount of magic and madness to pursue. It requires witty writers, sharp actors, and a whole production team to pull off a good laugh. And while many ideas are cranked out every fall season in its attempts to captivate an audience, very few make it out in the end for a renewal.

So what’s the deal with sitcoms on air today? And why is it that the golden days of comedic television shows are seemingly past it’s prime and can only be relived through our Netflix accounts?

Follow the link and find out why it is so dang hard to find the magic :


(image: jack.boudreau via flickr creative commons)


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