The clock is ticking (or is it?)

First impressions are an idea which we take very seriously, even in the comedy business.

The pilot episode of a new sitcom becomes a proverbial torch which can either embody a beacon of light for a successful season, or serve as a burning reminder of the long, disappointing weeks ahead.

Timing, as they say, is everything…or is it?

As the fall television season kicks into gear, there are sitcoms which are already on our radar, for reasons both good and bad. Former SNL writer John Mulaney’s fictionalized self titled show has the promise of an established stand-up comedian while ABC’s Selfie attempts to reinvent the modern-day Pygmalion, again. Should we base our opinions of these shows simply by what we watch on the pilot episode? Or should we take the time and patiently wait while weak plotlines and lackluster characters cultivate into their own? After all, not all shows can hit it out of the ballpark on the first swing. It takes practice. Adjustment. Refinement. Who knows, maybe your new favorite sitcom will start off the underdog in the first season.

Take a gander here to scope out the not-so-promising fall 2014 premieres before you set your DVR :

And peek in here for some perspective on why your least favorite new show, may be worth the wait :


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