S’wonderful S’marvelous

In the comedic world, we are graced with funny faces who are clear tributes towards their craft.

But what happens when these leaders begin to branch their way out of their respective worlds? Is the key to sitcom success the ability to maneuver your way through different aspects of society, while addressing all present issues in a non-evasive manner? As comedy juggernaut Mindy Kaling has said, “The key to creating something successful, especially in regards to a show, is to stay relevant.”

Mindy Kaling has ventured into a multi spectra of worlds through various social media platforms and simply a keen interest in everything that could be laughed at. This autumn, she was honored at the 2014 Glamour Woman of the Year Awards, presented by satirical sachem Stephen Colbert.

Kaling’s recognition of accolades in the fashion world is credited to her work ethic in the television world just as Stephen Colbert has bridged the gap between satirical comedy and addressing hard-hitting news. Take a look and see for yourself as to why it is vital for successful sitcoms to have well-rounded faces like Mindy and Stephen representing them.


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