What I’m About

Thank you for visiting my page!

While it may be more entertaining to check out hilarious GIFS of your favorite primetime stars online, it shows real character when actually taking the time to read and consider somebody else’s word vomit. I like you already.

This page is purely dedicated to my ungodly fascination with pop-culture in situational comedies. It is my landfill of thoughts, connections, rants, and praises of ingeniously written references and the writers who put them there.

Am I here to give you advice on what show to watch on t.v. tonight? Not at all. But armed with my superpower of mindfully watching every sit-com that crosses my path (aka when channel-surfing), I hope to share with you every facet that goes behind the little gems of pop-culture on air that’s making you laugh today. Maybe I’ll even get you to see something beyond the screen of your television.

Get ready to LOL.

Sincerely, Tahesin



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